Residential – Commercial renovations, even a small renovation like a bathroom or a kitchen is a process that often causes anxiety and uncertainty to the owners. If you want to avoid stress, our company offers integrated Renovation Services.

The renovations include site surveys, study & planning, photorealistic visualization, budget-based study, work scheduling and construction services by a specialized and experienced crew, under the supervision of a civil engineer, architect, electrical engineer (etc. as appropriate) during all the project phases. We assume residential and commercial renovations such as office renovations, retail renovations, home renovations.

The work process is carried out safely in a time saving manner, without undermining the quality or the production cost. We adapt the renovation proposals on your budget covering all your requirements, creating comfortable and functional spaces. With our experience in home renovations, you can find the best solution for your house.

Furthermore we have the expertise to provide exterior renovations improving your building appearance .

At the same time we have the expertise to offer services to reduce energy consumption in your building, or propose small interventions that ensure energy reduction by more than 50%.