Engineer Certificate for Real Estate

Transfer All property transfers require full legal review

Engineer Certificate is now mandatory from 21/09/2011, for every legal transaction in life. The engineer certificate is described in par. 4 of article 23 of Law 4014/2011.

The data that the engineer must have in order to issue the certificate are:

  1. Building permit officer
  2. Topographic diagram
  3. Approved plans
  4. Property titles
  5. Legal information in case of arbitrary
  6. Owner’s declaration

Engineer certificate is also mandatory for the transfer of plots and land. The engineer’s certificate in this case will state that there is no building within the plot. If an engineer’s certificate for the transfer of a property is not attached, then a prison sentence of at least six months and a fine of € 30,000 to € 100,000 are imposed on those involved. The engineer certificate is valid for 2 months. 

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