Preparation of energy certificates (for rentals and transfers)

ENERGY PERFORMANCE CERTIFICATE, a new institution for our country.

On 30/3/2010, with a decision of the ministers of finance, environment, energy – climate change, the regulation of energy efficiency of KENAK buildings was approved.

The regulation stipulates that every new building or existing building that is radically renovated must meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements. At the same time, the minimum specifications concerning the design of the building (location, orientation, solar requirements, integration of passive solar systems, etc.), in the building shell or in the E / M installations are defined.

The energy inspection aims at:

  • estimating the primary energy consumption of the building per end use (heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, DHW)
  • in the energy classification of the building
  • in the issuance of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • in making recommendations to the owner / user for improvement energy efficiency of the building.

The same regulation states that the notary in the preparation of a property purchase transaction is obliged to mention in the contract the protocol number from the Energy Performance Certificate, to attach to it an official copy of the Energy Performance Certificate.

In each property lease, the protocol number from the PEA energy performance certificate must be indicated on the private or notarized lease document. The tax authority does not consider lease documents if it is not presented before the valid energy performance certificate PEA.

Documents needed for the issuance of an Energy Certificate

  1. The property contract (any title deed, eg parental benefit, acceptance of inheritance, donation, transfer, purchase, etc.)
  2. Building permit.
  3. PEA
  4. Thermal Insulation Design (for buildings built after ’80 – if any)
  5. Architectural plans
  6. Floor burner maintenance sheet. If heating is used on the property but the burner sheet is not available, an autopsy is performed.