• Building licenses (residential – commercial buildings, shops, industrial buildings, height – floor additions). Our company has vast experience in the preparation and handling of the appropriate files to the relevant departments.
  • Building licenses – permits (building approval and License building) according to the Law 4067/12
  • Structural studies (reinforced concrete, mixed structures, steel structures) according to the New Antiseismic Regulation.
  • Legalization of arbitrary buildings according to the law 4495/2017 (assessment, document drafting and complete file management including  the online dossier submission to The Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE-TCG)
  • Certificates for property transfer according to the Law. 4495/2017 (all property transfers require the complete legality)
  • Energy certificates
  • Building Permits, Establishment and Operation permits store licenses, changes uses
  • Demolition permits
  • Topographic diagrams (EGSA 87) surveying properties. [Portal.tee.gr]
  • Recommendations on horizontal properties, rates of distribution boards and expenditure concrete structures support studies (buildings resistance testing)
  • Fire safety studies in accordance with the fire safety regulation (for branches operating permits)
  • Project Supervision
  • Administration of building projects (drafting a detailed project budget, material measurements, budgeting, timetable,etc).
  • Technical property consultancy (estimates)