Arbitrary settlement based on Law 4495/2017

Capture of arbitrary construction immediately and financially, assessment of a fine, preparation of supporting documents and submission to the TEE system. In order for the transfer to take place, a responsible statement of the owner and an engineer’s certificate are required, stating that there is no arbitrary construction or that the property has been subject to the law on the settlement of arbitrary settlements.

Arbitrary legalization procedure

Assignment to an engineer for the control of the construction

Electronic submission of the application

Payment of the fee by the citizen

Collection of necessary data

Submission of required data by the engineer to the system, with parallel issuance of the ARBITRARY ADJUSTMENT CERTIFICATE.

Documents – Information needed by the Engineer

A) Urban planning details of the property (complete building permit file):

  1. Building Permit
  2. Topographic Diagram
  3. Coverage Diagram
  4. Property Plan (or floor plans if it extends to more than 1 floor)
  5. A section showing the heights

B) Property ownership (contract with the accompanying plans):

  1. The contract that proves the ownership of the property. In some cases it is also necessary to establish a Horizontal Property, previous contracts, etc.
  2. Attached topographic diagram to the contract
  3. Attached floor plan / floor plans

C) Owner Details

  1. Identity card or Passport
  2. Copy of E9 showing how the property was declared

D) Additional Supporting Documents that may be needed:

Proof of time of construction of the arbitrary. Concerns Public document: PPC account, aerial photograph of cadastre, etc.